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How Can I Make My Michigan Juvenile Adjudication Nonpublic?

Information about getting a Michigan juvenile adjudication set aside (made into a nonpublic record) is available in the Application form, but you can get additional help from Michigan Legal Help.  If you are submitting more than one application to the Michigan State Police, you can save application fees by submitting them in one envelope.  For details, see Michigan Legal Help.
Under Michigan criminal law, you are an adult at age 17.  If you were under 17 and were tried and convicted as an adult (either a waived case under MCL 712A.4 or a designated case under MCL 712A.2d), you must use the form for setting aside an adult criminal conviction (form MC 227). For information about getting an adult criminal conviction set aside, click the link to Setting Aside an Adult Criminal Conviction.
Other detailed information may be available from Legal Aid of Western Michigan in a publication called "Is Your Criminal Record Holding You Back?"