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Date Case Name Title
01/29/2014Systems Technology Group Inc v ATEM Corp
Opinion and Order Re: Summary Disposition
02/05/2014Lake Air Capoital LLC v Ridgeway Office Centre LLC et al
Opinion and Order Re: Summary Disposition
02/21/2014Dan Fette and Berrien County Board of Public Works v Peters Construction Co
Opinion and Order Confirming Award and Denying Vacatur and Judgment
02/24/2014Kantgias Family Limited Partnership v David Pasco and David Pasco v Dietech North America LLC andJohn Christopher Kantgias
Opinion and Order
03/10/2014William P Hayden v Mark T Schulte v Datamail Services Inc
Opinion and Order
04/16/2014Oakview Properties, LLC v CB 2010, LLC and Trimont Real Estate Advisors, Inc.
Opinion and Order Re: Summary Disposition
04/18/2014The Redford Holdings Co LLC v Robert Hogans, Jr., et al.
Opinion and Order Re: Motion for Judgment Damages
06/06/2014Star Tickets v Chumash Casino Resort
Opinion and Order Re: Summary Disposition
06/12/2014Cam Cost Soluitons, LLC v Kinetic Post, Inc.
Opinion and Order Re: Defendant's Motion for Reconsideration of Court's December 18, 2014, Order