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Date Case Name Title
01/06/2015Song Yu and Sang Chung v Farm Bureau General Insurance Company of Michigan
Order Re: Business Court Jurisdiction
02/13/2015Security Technologies, Inc., et al v BRMC Equities, LLC, et al
Opinion and Order Determining Damages on Defendants' Claims
02/21/2014Dan Fette and Berrien County Board of Public Works v Peters Construction Co
Opinion and Order Confirming Award and Denying Vacatur and Judgment
03/11/2015Tag IRA, LLC v Residential Group 231, LLC, et al.
Opinion and Order
04/01/2014Larry A. Speet and S'Tel Group, LLC v Sintel, Inc.
Order Regarding Defendant's Failure to Appear for Settlement Conference
04/03/2015Naturipe Foods, LLC v Siegel Egg Co., Inc.
Order on Plaintiff's Motion for Final Judgment
04/13/2015John Richards Homes Building Company, LLC v Honigman Miller Schwartz and Cohn, LLP
04/13/2015Jenkins Construction, Inc. v The County of Wayne, et al.
05/07/2014Michael Demil v RMD Properties Ltd.
Opinion and Order
06/11/2014Saroli & Poliuto Landscaping, LLC, dba Grounds, Inc. and Matthew Poliuto v Joseph Saroli
Opinion and Order
06/17/2015Warren Dimick v Gene F. Turnwald and Gene F. Turnwald, P.C.
Order Re: Business Court Jurisdiction
07/10/2014Nexteer Automotive Corporation v Mando America Corporation, et al.
Opinion Re: Mando's Motion for Leave to File Amended Answer and to Compel Arbitration
08/08/2014Industrial Quick Search, Inc. and Michael Meiresonne v Leslie C. Morant, Law Weathers and Richardson, PC., and A.J. Birkbeck
Opinion and Order Granting Summary Dispositoin to Defendants Morant and Law Weathers and Richardson
08/13/2014Mobiletech Automotive, LLC v Crystal Clean Automotive Detailing, LLC and Ross Timyan
Findings of Fact, Conclusions of Law, and Verdict
08/14/2013Eden, Inc. v American Soy Products, Inc.
Opinion and Order of the Court Denying Plaintiff's Motion for Entry of Partial Judgment
09/26/2014Frankenmuth Mutual Ins Co v Quality Ins Services, Inc., et al
Order Granting Frankenmuth's Unopposed Postjudgment Request for Attorney Fees
11/14/2014Associated Surgical Center of Dearborn, LLC, et al v UHG 2, LLC, et al
Opinion and Order Re: Defendants' Motion for Protective Order or in the Alternative for Reconsideration
11/19/2014Decarto Draper, et al v Josh Irving, et al
Order Denying Plaintiffs' Motion to Compel Production
12/02/2013Wells Fargo Bank N.A. v Beck Business Center, Inc.
Opinion and Order Re: Defendants Beck Business Center, Inc., Vasilios Damavoletes, and Beck Property Management, LLC's Motion for Summary Disposition as to Counts I, II, V, and VI of First Amended Complaint Pursuant to MCR 2.116(C)(8) and Defendant Beck B
12/02/2013Marji Investments LLC v Rocky Maynard et al
Opinion and Order Regarding Plaintiff's Motion for Reconsideration of Court's 10/28/13 Order