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Access-Why It Matters

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​Access: Connecting Courts and the Public

Michigan Supreme Court, State Court Administrative Office

​Why it Matters ​For More Information

​Website's Ease of Use

​The “One Court of Justice” website provides a wide variety of information about Michigan courts, including resources for self-represented litigants, judges and court staff, attorneys, journalists, educators, and others. The performance measure here is the extent to which visitors find this site easy to use. The "prior" column is based on a survey conducted in 2011.  The website was updated in 2012, but SCAO does not survey web users on an annual basis. 

​"One Court of Justice" website

​Court Interpreters

​Court interpreters assist non-English speaking parties and witnesses at court proceedings, helping to ensure that the courts are accessible to all. Our performance measure is the number of interpreters who have been certified for work in Michigan courts. The data in the "prior" column is from 2011; the data in the "current" column is from 2012.  

Certified Court Interpreters

​Community Dispute Resolution Centers

​Community dispute resolution centers help parties resolve their disputes through mediation, as opposed to costly, time-consuming, and stressful litigation. We measure the impact of these programs by the number of cases mediated and the percentage of those cases that the centers resolve. Some cases may not be resolvable through mediation and we do not expect mediators to force a settlement, so we have a target of 70 percent of cases to be resolved through the centers. The data in the "current" column is from 2010; "prior" column data is from 2009.

Community Dispute Resolution



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