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Sobriety and Drug Court Recidivism-Why It Matters

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​Performance: Court Metrics and Evidence-Based Practices

Sobriety and Drug Court Recidivism Rates

Michigan Supreme Court, State Court Administrative Office


​Why it Matters ​For More Information

​Sobriety and Drug Court Recidivism Rates

​These programs are aimed at breaking the cycle of addiction and crime by intensive treatment and other services, with the threat of sanctions for noncompliance. Recidivism rates measure how often offenders who complete these programs are reoffending, especially compared to offenders who do not participate in these programs. Current year recidivism rates were calculated in 2012 for offenders sentenced to either a sobriety court, a district drug court, or a circuit drug court. Prior year recidivism rates were also calculated in 2012, but these reflect recidivism rates of offenders who were NOT sentenced to a problem-solving court. A reoffense is counted when a conviction is entered by a court.

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