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Technology - Why It Matters

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​Technology: Supporting Timeliness, Efficiency, Access

Michigan Supreme Court, State Court Administrative Office 

​Why it Matters ​For More Information

​Electronic filing of court documents, as compared to paper filing, is quicker and more convenient for the parties, and allows courts to process filings more efficiently. The "prior" column reflects 2011 data; the "current" column is based on 2012 data.  Six counties and the Court of Appeals permitted e-filing in 2011. 

​Court Websites

​Courts Using Judicial Information Systems

​Michigan trial courts use a variety of different case management systems, but a single statewide system would be more efficient. Because trial courts are funded locally, SCAO cannot require trial courts to all use the same system; however, many courts choose to use a system created by Judicial Information Systems, SCAO's IT division. The "prior" column reflects the number in 2011; the "current" column reflects the number as of March 2013.


​Judicial Data Warehouse Performance Measures

​The Judicial Data Warehouse is the state's central electronic repository for court records in civil and criminal cases. Courts contribute records and access those of other courts, making it easier to have the most current and complete information about, for example, criminal offenders who may be facing charges in more than one courts. Judges, law enforcement, prosecutors, and state agencies can send inquiries to the JDW. The "prior" column reflects 2011 data; the "current" column is based on 2012 data. 



JDW Home Page


​Videoconferencing technology is more than a convenience for those who would otherwise have to attend court hearings in person – it saves time and money, particularly when a prisoner is involved. Using videoconferencing, a defendant held in a jail or prison can attend a court hearing without the risks and costs involving in having the prisoner transported by two armed officers. The "prior" column reflects 2011 data; the "current" column is based on 2012 data. 

​Videoconferencing Technology


​Paying traffic tickets online is a convenience for the public – and it allows courts to save staff time and process payments efficiently. The "prior" column shows data as of April 2012; the "current" column shows data as of March 2013.

Traffic Tickets Paid Online


Court Websites



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