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Efficiency-Why It Matters

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​Efficiency:  Consolidation and Coordination

Over- and Underjudged Courts

​Why it Matters

​Over- and Underjudged Courts

To ensure that each court has a sufficient number of judges to handle the incoming workload, the State Court Administrative Office assesses each court's judicial need and recommends adding or eliminating judgeships in specific courts.  In 2011 and 2013, extensive reductions were enacted by the legislature to balance the judicial resources to the judicial need in each jurisdiction.  Prior to these reductions, 29 out of 56 county-funded jurisdictions of circuit, probate, and district courts were overjudged.  An additional 9 out of 45 locally-funded district courts were overjudged.  Once these recommendations are fully implemented, only 20 county-funded jurisdictions and 7 locally-funded courts will be overjudged.  The number of locally-funded district courts will reduce from 45 to 43 due to court mergers (D25/D26 and D44/D45A).  Three additional mergers were authorized by the legislature (D18/D29, D27/D28, and D67/D68).

​Judicial Resources Recommendations



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