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Chronological Schedule    Print 2013-2014 Schedule

This schedule is subject to change.  All programs will be held at the Michigan Hall of Justice unless otherwise noted.

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1/8/20141/9/2014Friend of the Court Employee SeminarInformation
1/30/2014Judicial Seminar, Plymouth


2/5/20142/5/2014Fundamentals of Effective Drug Testing SeminarInformation
2/11/20142/13/2014Court Administration Orientation Seminar
2/26/20142/28/2014New Magistrate Seminar

MARCH 2014

3/11/20143/12/2014Michigan Association of Drug Court Professionals (MADCP)
3/24/2014Chief Judges Seminar, Grand Rapids
3/25/20143/27/2014Michigan Supreme Court Judicial Conference, Grand Rapids

APRIL 2014

4/22/20144/22/2014Chief District Court Probation Officers SeminarInformation
4/30/20145/2/2014Basic Interviewing, Counseling & Communication Seminar, Higgins LakeInformation

MAY 2014

Referees Association of Michigan (RAM) Conference
5/1/2014Law Day activities
5/13/20145/16/2014Court Managers Conferences, Traverse City
5/21/20145/23/2014Michigan Association of District Court Probation Officers (MADCPO) Conference, Ypsilanti
5/21/20145/23/2014Referees Association of Michigan (RAM) Confernece

JUNE 2014

Understanding the Jury System Workshop
6/19/2014Advanced Customer Service Seminar
6/22/20146/25/2014Michigan Probate Judges Association (MPJA), Traverse City
6/26/2014Advanced Customer Service, Detroit

JULY 2014

Michigan Friend of the Court Association (FOCA) Conference
7/21/20147/25/2014Learning Center Careers Program (Grades 10-12)
7/30/2014Magistrate Specialty Seminar


Michigan District Judges Association (MDJA) Conference
Michigan Judges Association (MJA) Conference
Understanding the Jury System Workshop
8/1/2014Juvenile Probation Officer Certification Exam (1/2 day)
8/8/2014Juvenile Probation Officer Certification Exam (1/2 day), Gaylord
8/16/20148/19/2014Michigan Judges Association (MJA), Traverse City
8/18/20148/19/2014Michigan District Judges Association (MDJA), Boyne


Understanding the Jury System Workshop
9/10/20149/12/2014Michigan Association of District Court Magistrates Conference
9/10/20149/12/2014Michigan Association of Court Mediators (MACM) Conference
9/16/2014Constitution Day activities