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LawDayES.jpgLaw Day is a national event that celebrates the role of law and courts in the United States. The Learning Center event features themed tours appropriate for various levels. Each group meets with a guest speaker and receives free curriculum materials.

Law Day 2018 - Separation of Powers: Framework for Freedom

The U.S. Constitution designates a system of government with three branches - legislative, executive, and judicial - and outlines how these branches interact. This sharing of power, also reflected in the Michigan Constitution, provides a framework of freedom for our state and nation.

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American Bar Association Law Day


MootCtES.jpgDuring this week-long day program, high school students argue a moot court case as if before the Supreme Court. Participants meet and work with a variety of legal professionals while enhancing their writing, research, and public speaking skills.

The case | The defendant was convicted of armed robberies based, in part, on several months of cell phone location history obtained by law enforcement from his cell provider without a warrant. Is government tracking your whereabouts through cell phone records a search under the Fourth Amendment? Does the government need a warrant to do this? Participants will argue and decide.

Application - Deadline May 25

Please contact Rachael L. Drenovsky, or 517-373-5027, with any questions.

"I am an attorney, and these kids were given a real legal exp​erience. I wish I could've done this when I was young." - Parent 


image: Constitution DayActivities include Constitution-themed tours, guest speakers, and free curriculum materials for each group. 


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