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Civil Jury Instructions, Part I

(Chapters 1 - 85)

Civil Jury Instructions, Part II

(Chapters 90 - 172)


Word file version


We are pleased to provide electronic copies of civil jury instructions adopted by the Committee on Model Civil Jury Instructions. MCR 2.512. The Committee is composed of attorneys and judges whose duty is to ensure that the Model Civil Jury Instructions are concise, understandable, conversational, unslanted, and not argumentative. The Committee has authority to amend or repeal existing instructions and, when appropriate, adopt new instructions, although the instructions do not have the force and effect of a court rule.  The Committee is comprised of the following members:




​Hon. James R. Redford (Chair)

Benjamin J. Aloia
Hon. Jane M. Beckering

Mark R. Bendure

Hon. Mark T. Boonstra

W. Mack Faison

Hon. Kathleen A. Feeney

William B. Forrest, III

Donald J. Gasiorek

Gary P. Gordon

Helen K. Joyner


Daniel J. McCarthy

Hon. Elizabeth M Pezzetti

Hon. Douglas B. Shapiro

Noreen L. Slank

Hon. Michael R. Smith

Paul C. Smith

Hon. Donald A. Teeple

Thomas Van Dusen

Hon. Michael D. Warren

Thomas W. Waun



​Michigan Supreme Court Committee on Model Civil Jury Instructions

Michigan Hall of Justice

PO Box 30052

Lansing, MI 48909

Phone: (517) 373-4641


Timothy J. Raubinger, Committee Reporter


To comment on existing instructions or instructions published for comment, or to suggest amendments or new instructions, please contact the committee reporter listed above.