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​Proposals Published for Comment

7.16a amendment proposal.pdf
[AMENDED] M Crim JI 7.16a Rebuttable Presumption Regarding Fear of Death, Great Bodily Harm, or Sexual Assault
11.37a and 11.37b amendment proposals.pdf
[AMENDED] M Crim JI 11.37a Discharge of a Firearm at a Building
11.43 and 11.43a proposals.pdf
[NEW]  M Crim JI 11.43 Carrying or Possessing Explosive or Combustible Substances with Intent to Damage Property or to Frighten, Injure, or Kill a Person
11.44 and 11.44a proposals.pdf
[NEW]  M Crim JI 11.44 Manufacturing, Buying, Selling, Furnishing, or Possessing Molotov Cocktails
M Crim JI 11.40, 40a and 40b.pdf
[NEW] M Crim JI 11.40 Harmful Substances – Unlawful Acts;
[NEW] M Crim JI 11.40a Harmful Substances – False Statement of Exposure;
[NEW] M Crim JI 11.40b Imitation Harmful Substance or Device
M Crim JI 11.41.pdf
[NEW] M Crim JI 11.41 Chemical Irritants – Unlawful Acts
M Crim JI 11.42 and 11.42a.pdf
[NEW] M Crim JI 11.42 Offensive or Injurious Substances – Placement with Intent to Injure;
[NEW] M Crim JI 11.42a Offensive or Injurious Substances – Placement with Intent to Annoy
M Crim JI 10.9, 10.9a, 10.9b, 10.9c, and 10.9d.pdf
[NEW] M Crim JI 10.9 Organized Retail Crime - Merchandise Theft;
[NEW] M Crim JI 10.9a Organized Retail Crime – Possession of Stolen Merchandise;
[NEW] M Crim JI 10.9b Organized Retail Crime – Subterfuge;
[NEW] M Crim JI 10.9c Organized Retail Crime – Telecommunications Device;
[NEW] M Crim JI 10.9d Organized Retail Crime – Telecommunications Service Agreement