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Chief Justice Stephen J. Markman

Chief Justice MarkmanThe courts of Michigan comprise one of the three great constitutional institutions of our state, the judicial branch.  These courts—district, probate, circuit and appellate—are each responsible for maintaining and preserving the responsible and equal rule of law in Michigan while ensuring that our system of justice is made readily and fairly available to all of the people of our state.

In a democracy such as ours in which the judiciary is elected by the people, it is critical that “we the people” are informed of the operations and decisions of their courts.  It has been an important mission of this Court  that these operations and decisions be made as transparent as possible.  This website is designed to assist in that effort.  You are also invited to visit the Hall of Justice in Lansing across the mall from the State Capitol and at the corner of Allegan and Martin Luther King Boulevard.  In particular, we call to your attention the Learning Center within the Hall which has become a regular stop for students and classes touring the capitol city.

Visit the Hall of Justice and its Learning Center, tour the nearby Michigan Historical Center, or watch an appellate argument before the Court of Appeals or the Supreme Court.  Each of these experiences, I am confident, will remind you of the role that the rule of law plays in our democratic, representative and constitutional form of government, as well as in furthering the great aims of government etched at the front entrance of the Hall, “freedom, truth, equality and justice.”

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What's New


Special Session - Oral Arguments in No. 157925, Citizen's Protecting Michigan's Constitution v Secretary of State

The Supreme Court will hear arguments in No. 157925, ​Citizen's Protecting Michigan's Constitution v Secretary of State, at a special session of the Court on Wednesday, July 18, at 9:30 a.m.  The arguments will be held in the 6th floor courtroom at the Hall of Justice, Lansing.  Below are links to documents that are relevant to the case:

Supreme Court order directing oral argument

Court of Appeals opinion

Plaintiffs' application for leave to appeal

Intervening defendants' answer

Secretary of State/Bd of Canvassers letter adopting answer in Ct of Appeals 

Secretary of State/Bd of Canvassers answer in Ct of Appeals​

Amicus brief of Attorney General

Intervening defendants' response to AG amicus brief

Amicus brief of Sen. Levin, Gov'r Schwarzenegger, Common Cause

Amicus brief of Campaign Legal Center

Plaintiff's reply​

Internal Operating Procedures (IOPs)


The Clerk’s Office is pleased to announce the availability of the Supreme Court’s Internal Operating Procedures (IOPs) that interpret and implement the Subchapter 7.300 court rules.  The IOPs are bookmarked and include a hyperlinked table of contents and index for easier navigation. 


MCR 7.300 IOPs​ (PDF version)

MCR 7.300 IOPs (HTML version)


Please provide any comments or suggestions regarding the IOPs to the Clerk’s Office by email at or by phone at (517) 373-0120.​



​New and Improved Administrative Orders

The Administrative Orders of the Supreme Court​ are more user friendly thanks to several enhancements, including a table of contents and a subject matter index.  The table of contents lists the numbers and titles of the Administrative Orders and identifies those that have been rescinded by subsequent Court order.  Both the table of contents and the index are hyperlinked so you can quickly jump to a specific order.  


Civil and Criminal Pro Per Application Forms

The Clerk’s Office of the Michigan Supreme Court has designed two forms for use by unrepresented litigants in preparing applications for leave to appeal in civil and criminal cases. The forms satisfy the formatting and structural requirements of the court rules if they are completed in accordance with the accompanying instructions. The instructions and forms are not intended to provide legal advice on whether you should file the application, what factual information you should include, or what issues you should raise and argue. Providing these forms should not be viewed as encouraging anyone to act in propria persona (i.e., without the assistance of counsel) in the Supreme Court. There are many strategic and procedural decisions that must be made during the appeal process, and an attorney’s assistance might be critical to the success of your application. ​




Michigan Supreme Court Rules of Etiquette & Conduct

  Image: MSC Etiquette and Conduct


The Michigan Supreme Court's Rules of Etiquette and Conduct is a two-page brochure that provides important information to practitioners and members of the general public about properly conducting one's self inside the Michigan Hall of Justice, especially while observing or participating in oral arguments in the Supreme Court courtroom.





Oral Argument Guide

image: Guide for CounselAttorneys who appear for oral arguments before the Michigan Supreme Court have a valuable new resource: a comprehensive guide on preparing for and arguing their cases. The Guide for Counsel in Cases to Be Argued in the Michigan Supreme Court was prepared by Supreme Court staff with extensive input from several prominent appellate practitioners. Topics include preparation for oral argument, filing, brief writing tips, oral argument procedures, and more. It is especially designed for those attorneys making their first appearance before the Court. The guide includes general information plus a directory of offices and programs. Click on the icon (left) to open the guide.