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Media Advisory: Scam e-mail reported

Scam e-mail that pretends to be from the Michigan Court of Appeals has been reported in Michigan.
In one reported version, the subject line states, "Pretrial notice." The message reads, "Hereby we inform that you are obliged to come as a defendant to Michigan Court of Appeals on February 15th, 2015 at 11:00 a.m. for the hearing of your case of illegal software use.
If necessary you have a right to obtain a lawyer for your protection. You are kindly asked to have an identity document with you. Personal appearance is compulsory."  The recipient is then told to click on a hyperlink for "more detailed case information."
"Please be warned: These e-mails are NOT from the Michigan Court of Appeals," said Court of Appeals Chief Judge Michael Talbot. "This is a scam, possibly designed to load malware or spyware on the victim's computer. Do not click on the link."
Similar scams have been reported in other states. Talbot said that those who receive the scam e-mails should report them to

From Chief Judge Talbot

Photo of Chief Judge Talbot​​Welcome to the website of the Michigan Court of Appeals! The objective of this website is to provide information to the public, parties, and attorneys in a timely manner about the Court, its cases, and its rules and operating procedures. On this site you will find links to the Court's history; its judges and staff; directions to the different clerk's offices and courtrooms; policies regarding media access, disability accommodation and weapons in the courtroom; recently released opinions; docket information about cases, including those that are scheduled on case call within the next month or two; and much more. Especially useful to litigants are Read More...

About the Court

The Michigan Court of Appeals is one of the highest volume intermediate appellate courts in the country.  It was created by the 1963 Michigan Constitution and heard its first cases in January 1965.  Generally, decisions from final orders of a circuit court, as well as some probate court and agency orders, may be appealed to the court as a matter of right.  Other lower court or tribunal decisions may be appealed only by application for leave to appeal, i.e., with permission of the court.  Read More...

Photo of Lansing Courtroom Rotunda 

Of Current Interest

E-Filing and E-Service with TrueFiling

The Court of Appeals is pleased to announce that TrueFiling, the e-filing and e-service program developed by ImageSoft, Inc., will be available to all filers in all case types starting on January 20, 2015. TrueFiling will initially run in tandem with the Tyler Odyssey File & Serve system. The Court will provide notice as we transition away from the Odyssey system. For more information about TrueFiling and for instructional materials on its use, please visit the TrueFiling web page.

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