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New information for trial courts on requirements and other operational matters.  Updated regularly; SCAO Monthly Brief (a summary of items posted over the last month) sent the third Thursday of each month.


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Quarterly newsletter providing up-to-date information on topics concerning the trial courts.​​​​​​​​

image: Michigan Supreme CourtThe State Court Administrative Office (SCAO) is the administrative agency of the Michigan Supreme Court. Article VI, Section 3 of the Michigan Constitution states that the Michigan Supreme Court "shall appoint an administrator of the courts and other assistants of the supreme court as may be necessary to aid in the administration of the courts of this state." The Supreme Court has administrative oversight of Michigan's courts and exercises that oversight through the SCAO.


What's New for Trial Courts

2017 Reunification Day Event in Michigan

The American Bar Association’s Center on Children and the Law has designated June as National Reunification Month in an effort to recognize families and the many professionals who support them in having their children successfully returned home from foster care.  During June, states across the nation are planning events to celebrate and honor families who have been successfully reunified.  Michigan is one of 27 states that have held “Reunification Day” events.  At last year’s celebration at the Hall of Justice, Justice Bridget M. McCormack expressed her hope that this event would become a tradition and counties all across Michigan would hold their own reunification events in coming years.  Read the memo about this year's event from State Court Administrator Milton L. Mack, Jr.​

Problem-Solving Courts Certification Process and Best Practices Manuals

In FY 2018, certification goes into effect for all adult drug court programs, DWI court programs, drug/DWI hybrid programs, RDWI programs, and family dependency drug court programs. Since it starts in FY 2018, those program types will apply for certification from April 24 to June 2, 2017. 

Certification will go into effect for mental health courts and veterans treatment courts in FY 2019.

MSC RELEASES Judicial success stories booklet

The Michigan Supreme Court has released “Michigan’s Judiciary Success Stories: How Michigan Judge Are Driving Change​.” The 28-page booklet profiles 12 Michigan trial court judges who are leading efforts to measure and report on court performance, to implement technology to increase efficiency and access, and to reengineer court processes to streamline operations and save money. 

Michigan Passes Federal Title IV-E Audit

Thanks to the good work of judges and court staff and our partners in state government, the federal government recently notified DHHS that we are in compliance with federal regulations regarding funding of services for kids in foster care.  Passing this audit is good news for those kids and for Michigan. Click here for details.​


Watch a short video​ of a discussion between State Court Administrator Milton Mack & Lt. Gov. Brian Calley on the need to better address mental illness in the criminal justice system. SCAO has teamed up with the Lt. Gov. to pass a revision to Kevin's Law that would emphasize early intervention and provide outpatient treatment to those who need it.  ​



The Michigan Supreme Court released a Request for Proposals (RFP) on August 25, 2016, seeking a vendor to supply a statewide system that will allow litigants to file cases electronically from anywhere at any time.  The RFP also asks that vendors submit proposals for an electronic document management system so that courts can receive and manage e-filed documents.  Release of the RFP is a major step forward in our efforts to help trial courts across Michigan benefit from the potential improvements in efficiency that e-filing can provide, including reduced handling of paper files and reduced need for manual data entry of case information. 


To review the RFP and obtain more information about the statewide e-filing initiative, go to  The deadline for proposals is October 25.​​


Get answers to e-filing frequently asked questions

The State Court Administrative Office has developed answers to FAQs about the statewide e-filing initiative for courts and for filers. Statewide e-filing will help trial courts become more efficient and improve service to the public. 

Find FAQs for courts here.
Find FAQs for filers here.

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