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​Parenting Time Guideline


The Parenting Time Guideline is a state model and has not been adopted by every county. For more information about your specific county's parenting time guideline, click your county's link below or contact your local friend of the court office.  These guidelines are not law but are intended to serve as a starting point for assessing each family's needs. 

  • Calhoun County    
  • Ingham County

 Make Up Parenting Time Policy

  • Ionia County

Parenting Time Issues

  • Isabella County

Parenting Time FacilitationGuide

  • Kalamazoo County

Parenting Time Q&A

  • Kalkaska County   
  • Kent County

Parenting Time Brochure

  • Osceola County    
  • Presque Isle County         
  • Saginaw    
Parenting Time           
  • Wayne County