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​Statewide E-filing Initiative

The key mission of the State Court Administrative Office is to help trial courts improve service to the public.  Statewide e-filing will help trial courts become more efficient and improve service to court users.  E-filing allows for the filing of court documents from anywhere in the state at any time of the day without having to drive to a court office or send large amounts of printed materials via a delivery service, thereby saving time, gas, parking fees, copy costs, and delivery charges. A statewide e-filing system will also accommodate electronic notice and service of process and provide other expanded benefits to improve the efficiency of court interactions by attorneys, parties, and the public. Additional savings are generated when e-filing is linked to electronic document management systems in the trial courts so that judges and staff can easily access important files at any time and from any place.  This is the next step in technological advancement for our courts and may someday result in an entirely paperless court system –serving Michigan residents faster and better.




​Staff Contact

Cindy Souders

(517) 373-2289