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image: Michigan Supreme CourtThe State Court Administrative Office (SCAO) is the administrative agency of the Michigan Supreme Court. Article VI, Section 3 of the Michigan Constitution states that the Michigan Supreme Court "shall appoint an administrator of the courts and other assistants of the supreme court as may be necessary to aid in the administration of the courts of this state." The Supreme Court has administrative oversight of Michigan's courts and exercises that oversight through the SCAO.


What's New for Trial Courts

Need money?  Many problem-solving court grants are still open.  Funds are available for drug courts, mental health courts, veterans treatment courts, and swift and sure sanctions probation programs.  Click here to view a summary of each funding opportunity


Adoption of Foreign Language Court Rules and Administrative Order

Two new rules and an administrative order were recently approved, with immediate effect, to ensure that all people, including those who are Limited English Proficient (LEP), have meaningful access to Michigan Courts.  See MCR 1.111 and MCR 8.127.

Administrative Order No. 2013-8 requires courts to adopt language access plans specifying how they will provide LEP persons with access to services outside the courtroom. 

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