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1 Rule 1.108 Computation of Time … 18 Rule 2.104 Process; Proof of Service … 28 Rule 2.109 2.109 Security for Costs … 64 Rule 2.301 Completion of Discovery … 81 Rule 2.310 Requests for Production …
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(A) Applicability of Rules. Procedure in probate court is governed by the rules applicable to other civil proceedings, except as modified by the rules in this chapter. …
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Chapter 3. Special Proceedings and Actions … The rules in this chapter apply in circuit court and in other courts as provided by law or by these rules. Except as otherwise provided in …
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Michigan Supreme Court Administrative OrdersMICHIGAN SUPREME COURT ADMINISTRATIVE ORDERS Table of Contents Subject Matter Index … .1 AO No. 1968-2 — Judicial Tenure Commission …
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The rules in this chapter govern procedure in all civil proceedings in all courts established by the constitution and laws of the State of Michigan, except where the limited …
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Rule 6.001 Scope; Applicability of Civil Rules; Superseded Rules and Statutes … (A) Felony Cases. The rules in subchapters 6.000-6.500 govern matters of procedure in criminal cases …
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