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Certification Programs


Certification Programs





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Certification Programs


Court Interpreter Testing and Certification Program

In January, 2000, the Michigan Supreme Court, State Court Administrative Office instituted a state-level program that provides for the testing and certification of foreign language interpreters for use in Michigan courts. In addition, the State Court Administrative Office has established a code of professional conduct for interpreters, a recommended oath for courts to use, and an interpreter qualification screening checklist for use in local courts.


For more information about testing and certification, contact the State Court Administrative Office at 517-373-6670 or see further information >>..


Court Reporter and Recorder Testing, Certification, and Renewal

Only certified reporters and recorders may record or prepare transcripts of proceedings held in Michigan courts or of depositions taken in Michigan as regulated by Michigan Court Rule 8.108(G). Certification is accomplished through a testing process administered by the Court Reporting and Recording Board of Review through the assistance of the State Court Administrative Office.


The examinations are held twice each year to test knowledge and speed, and, as to a recorder, familiarity with basic logging techniques and transcript production. The Board determines the passing score. In order to be eligibile for registration for an examination, an applicant must be at least 18 years of age, be a high school graduate, and not have been under sentence for a felony for a period of two years. An applicant for the certified shorthand reporter examination must have satisfactorily completed an approved, accredited, or recognized course of study in court reporting. The registration fee is $60.


See details about testing, certification, and renewal or contact the State Court Administrative Office at 517-373-9526.


District Court Magistrate Certification

According to Michigan Compiled Law 600.8512(2), district court magistrates may hear and preside over traffic civil infraction informal hearings only after successfully completing a special training course of the State Court Administrative Office in traffic law adjudication and sanctions. This training course is conducted annually by the Michigan Judicial Institute, the educational arm of the State Court Administrative Office.


For more information, contact the Michigan Judicial Institute at 517-373-7171.


Juvenile Division Probation Officer / Caseworker Certification

According to Michigan Supreme Court Administrative Order 1985-5 (and 1988-3), a juvenile probation officer/caseworker must complete the Michigan Judicial Institute (MJI) certification training within two years of employment. Certification is achieved by: (1) participation in, or waiver of, MJI's annual "Basic Counseling" seminar; and, (2) an examination based upon the information contained in MJI's "Juvenile Probation Officer/Caseworker Self-Instructional Manual." This manual is available to new probation officers/caseworkers in hard copy or obtain the manual on the web.


For more information, contact the Michigan Judicial Institute at 517-373-7171.



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