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Chapter 1 General Provisions





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Chapter 1: General Provisions

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2012-03 - Technical Revisions and Addition of Request for Review Procedure following a Court's denial of a Request for appointment of a foreign Language Interpreter or a request for Review of Reimbursement costs assessed

​Adopted: Amendment of MCR 1.111
​Issued: ​January 29, 2014, effective immediately, but standard public comment period
Comment Period Expiration: ​May 1, 2014
Public Hearing: ​To be scheduled.




Retained or Other Action:



2012-03 - Foreign Language Interpreters 

Proposed Rule:

Proposed Adoption of MCR 1.111 and MCR 8.127 

​Issued: ​May 2, 2012
​Comment Period Expiration: ​September 1, 2012 (by order dated September 19, 2012, the comment period was extended to November 1, 2012)
Public Hearing: November 28, 2012



Adopted or Other Action:
Issued: ​September 11, 2013
Effective: ​September 11, 2013


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​​Chapter 1 General Provisions

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