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Michigan Court Rules


The Michigan Rules of Court are the rules adopted by the Michigan Supreme Court to govern Michigan's legal system and the judges, lawyers, and other professionals who are charged with preserving the integrity of that system. The purpose of the Court Rules is to establish uniform rules and procedures for all levels of Michigan's court system. These regulations ensure that cases are resolved without undue delay and that those who appear in court receive due process and equal treatment under the law.

We are pleased to provide electronic copies of the rules as PDF documents. To view a document, click the title you wish to view. To download a document, right-click the title and select “Save Target As” from the context menu. To create a search, enter text in the Search Rules text box and click the search icon; a list of Search Results is generated based on your query.
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Michigan Court Rules



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Michigan Rules of Evidence

Note: These rules are posted for informational purposes only and are intended to serve as a resource to provide full access to the rules that govern our state courts. The documents available here include the full text of the rules; all amendments made effective by the Michigan Supreme Court are included in the rules. Although every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the online documents, the Court does not guarantee that they are free of error. The Michigan Court Rules are subject to revision by the Michigan Supreme Court at anytime. Currently, West, a Thomson Business, is the official publisher of the Michigan Rules of Court. Please consult the latest bound volume of the Michigan Rules of Court, and any subsequent Advance Sheets, for the official text of a rule.
For specific questions or general comments regarding Michigan Court Rules, or to report an error, please call the Michigan Supreme Court Clerk’s office at 517-373-0120.