AO No. 2016-1 — Authorizes the 7th Circuit Court to Require Parties and Attorneys to Submit Pleadings in Electronic Format in Personal Injury or Other Civil Cases Arising From Allegations of Lead or Other Contaminants in Flint Water

[Entered May 25, 2016.]

On order of the Court, at the request of the 7th Circuit Court, and pursuant to MCR 1.109(C)(1), the 7th Circuit Court is authorized to require parties and attorneys in personal injury or other civil cases arising from allegations of lead or other contaminants in Flint water to submit pleadings in electronic format. The 7th Circuit Court shall submit a local administrative order to the State Court Administrative Office describing the manner in which such pleadings are to be submitted. This order is effective immediately, and shall remain in effect until further order of the Court.