AO No. 1968-2 — Judicial Tenure Commission

[Entered November 19, 1968.]

Directed to State Bar of Michigan:

The State Bar shall publish in its journal a notice to all members that they may nominate judges and practicing attorneys who are not judges from among whom the membership will elect one judge and two attorneys as members of the judicial tenure commission. Nominating petitions, available at the State Bar office, will require the signature of 50 attorneys in good standing, and must be filed with the State Bar by a determined deadline (i.e., 30 days after publication).

In the event two nominations for each position are not received by the petition method, the board of commissioners shall thereupon nominate up to that number.

Within 10 days after the nomination of candidates therefor, the State Bar shall cause to be mailed to each member a ballot containing the names of the nominees divided into two categories,

(1) all judges nominated,

(2) all nonjudges nominated,

and space for write-in candidates.

The ballots shall be returned to the office of the State Bar of Michigan on or before (a date certain). Five tellers selected by the board of commissioners shall meet at the office of the State Bar on (a date certain), to tally the ballots. The judge receiving the highest number of votes, and the two nonjudges receiving the highest number of votes shall be declared elected.