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​Proposals Published for Comment

M Civ JI 97.49, 97.60 and 97.61.pdf
[AMENDED] M Civ JI 97.49 Verdict
[AMENDED] M Civ JI 97.60 Form of Verdict:  Statutory Grounds Alleged
[DELETED] M Civ JI 97.61 Form of Verdict:  One Statutory Ground Alleged
Proposed 97.12 et al.pdf
M Civ JI 97.12 Jury Must Only Consider Evidence; What Evidence Is; Prohibited Actions by Jurors
M Civ JI 97.16 Questions by Jurors Allowed
M Civ JI 97.19 Jurors Not to Discuss Case
M Civ JI 97.23 Notetaking by Jurors Allowed
M Civ JI 97.32 Evidence
M Civ JI 97.46 Deliberations and Verdict