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​Proposals Published for Comment

Proposed 2.02A; 16.04; 30.01; 36.15; 68.03; 90.22A; 97.06; 97.36; 140.21; and 142.19.pdf
M Civ JI 2.02A Cameras in the Courtroom
M Civ JI 16.04 Burden of Proof in Negligence Cases on Affirmative Defenses Other than Contributor Negligence
M Civ JI 30.01 Professional Negligence and/or Malpractice
M Civ JI 36.15 No-Fault Auto Negligence:  Burden of Proof-- Economic and/or Noneconomic Loss, etc.
M Civ JI 68.03 Form of Verdict:  Products Liability--Personal Injury Action, etc.
M Civ JI 90.22A Valuation Witnesses
M Civ JI 97.06 Reading of Petition
M Civ JI 97.36 Definitions
M Civ JI 140.21 Contract Action--UCC:  Lost or Damaged Goods (Risk of Loss--Absence of Breach)
M Civ JI 142.19 Modification
Proposed Chapter 111.pdf
[NEW] M Civ JI 111.01 Common Law Conversion--Elements
[NEW] M Civ JI 111.02 Common Law Conversion--Burden of Proof
[NEW] M Civ JI 111.03 Statutory Conversion--Elements
[NEW] M Civ JI 111.04 Statutory Conversion--Burden of Proof
[NEW] M Civ JI 111.05 Statutory Conversion--Treble Damages
Proposed Chapter 112.pdf
[NEW] M Civ JI 112.01 Franchise Investment Law; Prohibited Practices--Explanation
[NEW] M Civ JI 112.02 Franchise--Definition
[NEW] M Civ JI 112.03 Franchisee and Franchisor--Definition
[NEW] M Civ JI 112.04 Offer or Offer to Sell--Definition
[NEW] M Civ JI 112.05 Person--Definition
[NEW] M Civ JI 112.06 Sale or Sell--Definition
[NEW] M Civ JI 112.07 Franchise Fee--Definition
[NEW] M Civ JI 112.08 Payment for Goods and Services as Franchise Fee
[NEW] M Civ JI 112.09 Payments that Do Not Constitute a Franchise Fee
[NEW] M Civ JI 112.10 Franchise Investment Law--Burden of Proof