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​Letter to Prospective Applicants


Michigan Hall of Justice

P.O. Box 30052

Lansing, MI 48909

Phone: (517) 373-4453



Dear Prospective Applicant:


     Please review a copy of the Rules for the Board of Law Examiners, and particularly Rule 5, and then complete both the Application for Admission Without Examination and the National Conference of Bar Examiners (NCBE) Request for Preparation of a Character Report. Applicants seeking a "special certificate" under Rule 5(D) should note that these directions and forms are the same as those utilized by applicants seeking unrestricted admission without examination. Applicants seeking a Rule 5(E) "special legal consultant admission" must contact the Board for additional forms. All completed forms should be returned to the Board's administrative office at the address listed above.*


    When returning the completed documents to the Board's administrative office, remember to send a money order in the amount of $800 payable to the "State of Michigan" and a money order in the amount of $450 payable to the "National Conference of Bar Examiners", as the application cannot be processed prior to receipt of these fees. The payment to NCBE may also be made by credit card. If you choose this option, complete and sign the credit card information on the NCBE Request for Preparation of a Character Report. Please note that the Board of Law Examiners has no authority to refund fees even if you withdraw your application for admission without examination.


     Admission pursuant to Board approval of an application under Rule 5(A) is in a circuit court and there is a $25 motion fee at the time of admission. Following admission one must become an active member of the State Bar of Michigan, which requires the payment of annual dues. The State Bar's telephone number is:

(517) 346-6300.


   Because of many factors, some beyond the control of the Board, an application usually takes four months to process.


   Questions relating to applications can be directed to the Board at the above address or telephone.



* If you are sending "expedited mail" or "signature required," please use the street address.

Michigan Board of Law Examiners

925 W. Ottawa Street

Lansing, Michigan 48913

Phone: (517) 373‒4453


Maribeth Preston

Executive Director

Sonia L. Allen

Administrative Assistant