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09. If I apply to take an exam but need or want to delay taking it, what should I do?


​​As soon as you decide to delay taking the exam, send the Board of Law Examiners a letter by U.S. Mail stating you wish to transfer your application to a future exam.  If you have already received your admission certificate, return that original with your letter.  Fees already paid are not refunded.  To transfer to a future exam there is a transfer fee.  That fee is currently $100.  When you send your letter you do not need to state to which exam you wish to transfer or send the transfer fee.  You also do not need to state a reason for the transfer.  When you decide which future exam you are going to take, send the Board a letter saying you had applied, for example, for the February 2011 exam and wish to transfer your application to, for example, the February 2012 exam.  Include the $100 fee (money order) at that time.  The filing deadline is 60 days before the exam you wish to sit for.


2. Questions About the Bar Examination


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