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05. Multistate portion of the exam


​If an applicant has taken the Multistate portion of the exam in another state, is there provision for transfer of the score?


If the other state accepts transfer of MBE scores from exams administered in Michigan, a passing MBE score obtained within three years might transfer from that state. In the case of states that accept transfers from "concurrent examinations only," a transfer only from a concurrent examination will be accepted. The applicant is still required to sit for the essay portion of the Michigan examination and must achieve a passing score as determined by a combination of the scores of the two portions of the examination. See MCL 600.934(3). The necessary form can be downloaded from the State Bar of Michigan's website:  
In addition to having the other jurisdiction certify the information to the Board, the applicant must also notify the Board of Law Examiners (not the State Bar of Michigan) by letter—fax and email are not accepted—to the Board of Law Examiners, P.O. Box 30052, Lansing, MI 48909, of the applicant’s intent to transfer his or her MBE score, no later than May 15 for the July examination and December 15 for the February examination.  This written notice of intent to transfer an MBE score is a necessary precondition to perfect the applicant’s right to transfer an MBE score to Michigan.


2. Questions About the Bar Examination


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