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Current Judges


Current Judges



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Current Judges

Photo COA Current Judges 

(Pictured From Left to Right)

First row: Jane E. Markey, E. Thomas Fitzgerald, David H. Sawyer, William B. Murphy, Kathleen Jansen, Joel P. Hoekstra, Peter D. O'Connell 

Second row: Pat M. Donofrio, Patrick M. Meter, Kirsten Frank Kelly, Chief Judge Michael J. Talbot, Stephen L. Borrello, Donald S. Owens, Kurtis T. Wilder, William C. Whitbeck, Chief Judge Pro Tem Christopher M. Murray

Third row: Cynthia Diane Stephens, Douglas B. Shapiro, Jane M. Beckering, Elizabeth L. Gleicher, Amy Ronayne Krause, Michael J. Kelly  

Not Pictured: Mark J. Cavanagh, Karen M. Fort Hood, Henry William Saad, Deborah A. Servitto 




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Chief Judge​

Chief Judge

Pro Tem

Beckering, Jane M. ​2007
Boonstra, Mark T. ​2012
Borrello, Stephen L. ​2003
Cavanagh, Mark J. ​1988
Donofrio, Pat M. ​2002
Gadola, Michael F. 2015
Gleicher, Elizabeth L. ​2007
Hoekstra, Joel P. ​1994
Hood, Karen Fort ​2002
Jansen, Kathleen ​1989
Kelly, Kirsten F. ​2000
Kelly, Michael J. ​2008
Krause, Amy Ronayne ​2010
Markey, Jane E. ​1994
Meter, Patrick M. ​1999
Murphy, William B. ​1988 ​2009-2014 ​1992-1996
Murray, Christopher M. ​2002



O'Connell, Peter D. ​1994
Owens, Donald S. ​1999
Riordan, Michael J. ​2012
Saad, Henry William ​1994 ​2008-2009
​​Sawyer, David H. ​1986 ​2009-2014
Servitto, Deborah A. ​2006
Shapiro, Douglas B. ​2009
Stephens, Cynthia Diane ​2008
​Talbot, Michael J. ​1998
Wilder, Kurtis T. ​1998

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