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Standard Forms





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COA Standard Forms

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​Standard Forms

Photo of Form SignatureThe Michigan Court of Appeals provides the following standard forms applicable for use before the Court. 

Many of the forms are fill-in forms that have been enabled with document rights. This allows you to save a form along with the typed information to your computer. In this way, you can work on a form over several sessions and have an electronic copy of the form for your records. 

Affidavit of Indigency

Brief – Cover Page

Claim of Appeal – Two Parties

Note: Appellants in multi-party cases should submit their own pleading 
that is titled Claim of Appeal and that lists all parties to the case. 




Prosecutor Notice Of Victim Request For Information

Record Production Checklist for Court of Appeals

Reporter/Recorder Certificate of Ordering of Transcript on Appeal

Request for Accommodations (ADA)

Request for Film and Electronic Media Coverage


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​Additional E-Filing Forms Available

E-Filing Forms have been designed so that users can fill in the fields, sign the form by typing their name in the designated field, and save them in PDF format for filing through the TrueFiling system.

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