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Guidelines & Requirements


Guidelines & Requirements



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COA E-Filing Guidelines & Requirements

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Guidelines & Requirements



Court of Appeals E-Filing & Service Guidelines have been developed for use in electronic filing.
The Guidelines are important because they provide guidance in how users can ensure that their filings meet the technical requirements of the system while also conforming to the requirements of the Michigan Court Rules.
The Guidelines are subject to change as circumstances require.


Graphic of Email EnvelopeParticipants of the Odyssey File & Serve system are required to provide approved e-mail addresses at which electronic filings can be electronically served.
Participants may provide either
    • a central e-mail address for all attorneys in their office, or
    •  individual e-mail addresses for each attorney.
Use the following forms to provide this information.
Regardless which method is used, the provision of an approved e-mail address indicates agreement that all electronic filings can be electronically served on the named attorney(s) at the stated addresses without their prior case-specific agreement.
Provided e-mail addresses will be included on the List of Approved E-Service Addresses that is accessible on the Court of Appeals website or through the Odyssey File & Serve site.

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Odyssey File & Serve

Log in to the Odyssey File & Serve system to:
  • initiate an appeal
  • file all pleadings and forms, and
  • electronically serve all filings on opposing parties.


If you forget your Firm ID, Username or Password, please contact your
Firm Administrator.
For technical support, contact Tyler at 800.297.5377 or
For non-technical information or questions regarding
E-Filing, contact the Lansing Clerk's Office
at 517.373.0786 or COAEfileSupport

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