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COA E-Filing

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Tyler Technologies - Odyssey File & Serve discontinued

for MCOA e-filing services

As of Friday, January 30, 2015, at 5:00 PM, the Michigan Court of Appeals (MCOA) discontinued use of the Odyssey File & Serve system. Filers may use the Odyssey File & Serve system until Tuesday, March 31, 2015, to retrieve copies of any documents previously e-filedAfter March 31, 2015, the Odyssey system will no longer be available to registered Court of Appeals filers.


 MCOA E-Filing services available exclusively through TrueFiling

To e-file documents with the Michigan Court of Appeals, you will need to use the ImageSoft TrueFiling system. Tru​eFiling information is available on the Court website. To become a registered user, visit the TrueFiling website

 If you have questions about the registration process, please contact TrueFiling support at 855.959.8868 or

In partnership with Tyler Technologies, Inc. (Tyler), the Michigan Court of Appeals presently offers electronic case initiation, filing, and service of pleadings on a voluntary basis for all cases types.
Note: Public Act 164 of 2013 locates the Court of Claims in the Court of Appeals. However, the Court of Claims is not accepting e-filed documents at this time.

Get Started 

  • Assign someone within your firm to act as the Firm Administrator.
  • Contact Tyler Technologies Technical Support at 800.297.5377 to establish a Firm Administrator account.
  • The Firm Administrator will set up payment information as well as user accounts for all attorneys and support staff that will need access to the File & Serve system. An Administrator Guide and online training are available to guide this process.


 Complete Participant Forms

Graphic for Important GuidelinesOdyssey File & Serve filers are required to provide approved e-mail addresses at which electronic filings can be electronically served. The Firm Administrator may provide either a central email address for all attorneys in their office, or individual email addresses for each attorney.

Registration Confirmation Form

Complete and email this form to the Court after you have initially registered your agency or office for e-filing.

Complete and email this form to the Court to add, modify, or remove the names and e-mail addresses that have been entered on this list.


E-mail addresses are included on the List of Approved E-Service Addresses that is accessible on the Court of Appeals website or through the Odyssey File & Serve site.

Log In

  • Go to the Odyssey File & Serve website.
  • Enter your Firm ID, Username and Password. (All are case sensitive.)
  • Click Login to search for a case, ​initiate a case, file into an existing case, or check
    e-filing status.


Follow E-Filing & E-Service Guidelines ​

Court of Appeals E-Filing & E-Service Guidelines have been developed for use in electronic filing. The Guidelines provide guidance in how users can ensure that their filings meet the technical requirements of the system while also conforming to the requirements of the Michigan Court Rules. The Guidelines are subject to change as circumstances require.

Take Advantage of E-Filing Resources


Best Practices: Before filing, all documents must be converted by the filer to PDF format. Filers may benefit from periodically checking the E-Filing Best Practices page for information on creating more functional PDF documents and learning more about PDF use by the legal community. Note: While appendices and other non-original filings may be scanned and need not be searchable, the Court very strongly prefers to receive original appellate pleadings in searchable PDF.


Court Forms: Existing printable Court forms have been reproduced in a specially designated e-filing format that permits typed signatures so that the forms can be saved in PDF (using either of the PDF creation tools mentioned above) and do not need to be printed, signed, and scanned.


Court Rules: Attorneys will prepare required forms, pleadings, and other filings as detailed in the Court Rules. ​


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Odyssey File & Serve

Through the Odyssey File & Serve system, users can:
  • initiate an appeal
  • file all pleadings and forms, and
  • electronically serve all filings on opposing parties.
Fee payment may also be made through this system. If you represent a party and are interested in electronically filing in an existing case or initiating a new case, we encourage you to register for the system.


If you forget your Firm ID, Username or Password, please contact your Firm Administrator.
For technical support, contact Tyler at 800.297.5377 or
For non-technical information or questions regarding
E-Filing, contact the Lansing Clerk's Office at 517.373.0786 or COAEfileSupport

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​E-Filing Guidelines

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