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COA Opinions & Orders

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Opinions & Orders


Opinion & Order Search

Photo of COA Mich App ReportThe Opinion & Order Search page allows for easy retrieval of Michigan Supreme Court and Michigan Court of Appeals opinions and orders. Searches for opinions and orders can be initiated by supplying a party name, a docket number, a keyword, or by combining multiple criteria. Opinion & Order Search Tips are available. Party names in certain case types, such as adoption and termination of parental rights, are suppressed to protect the privacy interests of the minor children. Thus, searching for opinions by party name may not produce any results for those case types.
PDF copies are available of unpublished Court of Appeals opinions issued since July 1996, Supreme Court opinions and published Court of Appeals opinions issued since January 2001, Court of Appeals orders issued after January 1, 2005, and Supreme Court orders issued after September 21, 2005. 
Published opinions released earlier than the above dates are available online from Thomson West, the official publisher of the Michigan Reports and the Michigan Appeals Reports. Several search methods are available at the Michigan Official Reports page to enable you to access historical Michigan Reports.

Opinion & Order Zip Files

The Court offers zip files as a way to easily download opinions released on a given date. Each zip file contains one or more opinion files in PDF format. Zip archives are available for:
  • Court of Appeals opinions released in the past 28 days
  • Supreme Court opinions released in the past 90 days
  • Supreme Court orders released in the past 28 days


Zip File Tips are available.


Opinion & Order Subscription

The Opinion & Order Subscription page enables you to sign up to receive the Michigan Supreme Court and Court of Appeals opinion release lists, as well as administrative matters of the Supreme Court, via email. Instructions are available to sign up for these automated emails.

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