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​Jury System

The Jury System, developed with input from county clerks, jury board members, jury clerks, and SCAO Jury Standards, provides a comprehensive automated method for counties and courts to process jurors from the Jury List CD provided by the Department of State to calculating individual juror reimbursement. The system provides for several questionnaire and summons printing options, incorporates bar code technology, applies random selection for each selection process, provides jury fees reporting to the state, and provides both functional and court location security by user or group.

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Chapter 01 General Overview.pdf
Chapter 02 Accessing the JIS Jury System.pdf
Chapter 03 Work with Jurors-Names.pdf
Chapter 04 Juror Selection.pdf
Chapter 05 Reports Menu.pdf
Chapter 06 Financial Menu.pdf
Chapter 07 Attendance.pdf
Chapter 08 Maintenance Menu.pdf
Chapter 09 File Processing.pdf
Chapter 10 Appendices.pdf
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