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​JIS MiCOURT Rollout Begins

Legacy Systems Retirement Looms

The new MiCOURT case management system will eventually replace CCS, DCS, PCS and TCS systems.  

The implementation of MiCOURT in the 29th Circuit Court in Clinton County began in May of this year. The migration of the next eight circuit courts is planned for 2015, with 20 more courts in 2016 and the remaining in 2017. Based on the rollout plan, all courts currently using CCS will be migrated to MiCOURT by October 2017. Once the CCS migration is completed, the other JIS legacy systems will be retired as follows:

  • PCS application – January 2019
  • DCS application – March 2021
  • TCS application – May 2021


To learn more about MiCOURT, see the overview in the right side column of this page. For the complete JIS update, follow this link.


MiCOURT (Formerly known as MiCS)

In coordination with the latest software update, JIS has rebranded its Case Management system as MiCOURT. Formerly known as MiCS, the MiCOURT name will help JIS transition the 251 courts currently using JIS case management systems to the new application.

The new application name and new JIS logo are two initial pieces of the MiCOURT rollout plan. Currently in use in Berrien County for civil cases and by the Court of Claims, the 29th Circuit Court in Clinton County will implement MiCOURT in 2014. Starting with circuit courts, the JIS team will be ramping up implementations to eight in 2015, 20 in 2016 and more than 40 the following years.

You will begin to see MiCOURT replace references to MiCS, beginning with communications and the website. These changes will continue through the software and previously created documents.


New system implementing in Circuit Courts

MiCOURT is the new combined case management program for Circuit, District and Probate courts. Features of the previous JIS case management applications, as well as many new features, combine to create MiCOURT


Beginning with Circuit courts in 2014 and 2015, the updated implementation process will allow for multiple simultaneous projects. The implementation projects will continue ramping up to a peak of 50 courts transitioning annually.

To learn more about MiCOURT rollout, planning, or to schedule a demonstration for your court:


Active JIS users can visit the JIS Knowledge Base for MiCOURT technical information, including release notes, setup documents, and MiCOURT procedures.

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Micourt Rollout Team

Toll-free Phone:

(888) 339-1547, option 7


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For more information about

how MiCOURT can help

your court.




Joint and Several

Restitution and MiCOURT


Collections and MiCOURT

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