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Next Generation Project





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Next Generation Project

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​Next Generation Project

Next Generation is a project under the leadership of JIS with the support of SCAO and the Michigan Supreme Court. This project has developed the Michigan Court System (MiCS) case management system that begins initial rollout in 2014 and continues for circuit and district courts over the next several years. The project continues with development of Probate and Juvenile modules to complete the replacement of the CCS, DCS, PCS and TCS legacy systems.


JIS built MiCS with all of the key features of the existing JIS court systems and added benefits to meet the needs of courts today, for example:

  • Centrally hosted software
  • Non-jurisdictional case management system
  • Standard graphical presentation with common Windows features
  • Collections tools include billing statements, collection notices and payment plans
  • Shared receivables for Joint and Several restitution
  • Reports can be viewed or exported to multiple formats
  • Interfaces and exchanges with justice partners


MiCS Implementation Timeline

  • August 2012 – Civil phase piloted in Berrien County
  • April 2014 – Criminal phase completion
  • Summer 2014 – Initial Civil/Criminal implementation in active Circuit Court
  • 2015 – Rollout to additional eight JIS courts
  • 2015 – Implementation of Criminal phase in Berrien County
  • 2021 – All JIS courts implemented

Recent Communications

MiCS Update, November 2012 

NextGen Update, August 2011

NextGen Update, July 2010

Michigan Court Managers Conference Presentation, May 2010

NextGen Update, December 2009

NextGen Update, February 2009

NextGen Questions & Answers, February 2009

Update Letter to Trial Courts, July 2008

Update Letter to Trial Courts, January 2007


Business Process Specifications

Juvenile Court Case Management, April 12, 2007

District/Circuit Civil Court Case Management, March 13, 2007

District/Circuit Criminal Court Case Management, April 11, 2007

Probate Court Case Management, March 19, 2007

Financial Business Specifications, April 18, 2007

Technical Baseline Architecture, April 23, 2007

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