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​Digital Audio and Video Court Recording


​Effective May 1, 2007, the State Court Administrator no longer certifies the adequacy of recording equipment used in the trial courts. Instead, trial court recording systems must meet the standards published by the State Court Administrative Office. Standards for Digital Audio Recording Systems and Standards for Digital Video Recording Systems.

Courts are encouraged to work with system vendors to ensure their recording equipment complies with the standards. A checklist is provided within the standards as a tool for courts and vendors to use in assessing a recording system's compliance.

Courts should develop appropriate policies and procedures governing the use of the systems they purchase. Procedures should be developed for backing up the files created by the system and periodically assessing the quality of the storage medium by testing archived files. A contingency process should also be established for backup or duplication of files in the event of obsolescence. Courts should rely on their vendor for support in developing these policies and should follow the vendor's recommended procedures designed for their specific system.

Courts should refer to Component 24 of the Michigan Trial Court Case File Management Standards for additional information regarding maintenance and storage of court recordings.



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