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2.2 Develop statewide e-filing system requirements.


Goal 2


Task 1: Define e-filing within the larger framework of electronic transmission.  COMPLETED

Task 2: Implement hardware/software needs.  ONGOING

Task 3: Draft e-filing court rules.  COMPLETED

Task 4: Draft e-filing standards and guidelines.  PARTIALLY COMPLETED

Task 5: Publish court rules, standards, and guidelines for comment.

Task 6: Adopt court rules, standards, and guidelines.

Task 7: Develop implementation procedures for e-filing systems.

Task 8: Develop training mechanisms and materials.

Task 9: Develop mechanisms for technical and management assistance.

Task 10: Publish training materials and implementation procedures.

Task 11: Establish plan for developing smart forms.

Task 12: Update technology tool kits.

Task 13: Plan and conduct public launch.

Task 14: Implement mechanisms for technical and management assistance.


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