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Problem-solving courts are innovative programs designed to address an offender's underlying problem. Trial Court Services staff facilitate efficient and comprehensive problem-solving court programs through training, education, planning, evaluation, monitoring, funding opportunities, technical assistance, and establishing operational standards and guidelines.


Michigan's Problem-Solving Courts: Solving Problems, Saving Lives (pdf) 
This annual report about Michigan's problem-solving courts tells stories of judges, court staff, prosecutors, law enforcement personnel and treatment professionals working together, case by case, to make a positive difference in the lives of participants. It also includes a technical analysis that focuses on court performance and outcomes from October 1, 2012 to September 30, 2014.


NEWS RELEASE: Report: Problem-Solving Courts Reduce Crime, Cut Costs to Taxpayers (pdf)

The report, Solving Problems, Saving Lives, released today by the Michigan Supreme Court says that graduates of drug, sobriety, and mental health treatment courts are substantially less likely to commit another crime. These “problem-solving” courts divert offenders into special programs that provide the treatment and supervision offenders need to stay out of trouble.