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​Family Dependency Treatment Court


Family dependency treatment court has a juvenile or family court docket for cases of child abuse or neglect in which parental substance abuse is a contributing factor. Judges, attorneys, child protection services, and treatment personnel unite with the goal of providing safe, nurturing, and permanent homes for children, while simultaneously providing parents with the necessary support and services they need to become drug and alcohol abstinent. Family dependency treatment court aids parents or guardians in regaining control of their lives and promotes long-term stabilized recovery to enhance the possibility of family reunification within mandatory legal time frames (Huddleston, et a., 2005). [Huddleston & Marlowe, National Drug Court Institute and United States Department of Justice Bureau of Justice Assistance, Painting the Current Picture: A National Report on Drug Courts and Other Problem-Solving Court Programs in the United States (July 2011, p 44).]

Drug Treatment Court Minimum Data Standards

Under MCL 600.1078, all adult and juvenile drug treatment courts must collect and provide data to the State Court Administrative Office (SCAO) on each drug court applicant and participant. MCL 600.1078(3) specifies that SCAO must develop a minimum standard data set that captures this data for the purpose of preparing an annual legislative report about drug court performance.


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