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Grant Opportunities


Grant Opportunities



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​Current Grant Opportunities


Problem-Solving court funding opportunities

Grant applications for problem-solving courts will open on April 1, 2015.  These grants are available to operational problem-solving courts in Michigan, or to those jurisdictions interested in starting a problem-solving court.  More information on drug courts, mental health courts, veterans treatment courts, community court, and the Swift & Sure Sanctions Probation Program is available at
The following grant applications will open APRIL 1 and close MAY 15:
·        Michigan Drug Court Grant Program
·        Michigan Drug Court Grant Program Planning Grant
·        Urban Drug Court Initiative
·        Regional DWI Grant Program (by invitation only)
·        Michigan Veterans Treatment Court Grant Program
·        Michigan Mental Health Court Grant Program
·        Regional Mental Health Court Grant Program
·        Swift & Sure Sanctions Probation Program
·        Michigan Community Court Grant Program (by invitation only)
The following grant applications will open APRIL 1 and close MAY 29:
·        Office of Highway Safety Grant (for new and expanding programs only)
·        Office of Highway Safety Grant – Planning
·        Office of Highway Safety Grant – Regional DWI
·        Byrne Justice Assistance Grant Program
Grant applications will be available through WebGrants at If you do not have a WebGrants account, click on “Register Here” to create one.



Court Performance Innovation Fund grants


All funds for FY 2015 have been allocated.


The State Court Administrative Office invites trial courts to apply for funding of innovative new programs and services designed to improve court performance.  The Court Performance Innovation Fund is created by a legislative appropriation for fiscal year 2014-15, beginning October 1, 2014, and concluding September 30, 2015.  Approximately $375,000 will be available for awards to trial courts to establish and evaluate new, innovative services and programs that enhance court performance.  No grant match is required.  The award amount will be based on the merit of the proposed program. 


We will begin to accept pre-applications May 1, 2014, for Fiscal Year 2015.  Additional details and deadlines may be found in the grant instructions below.  For questions about these funding opportunities or if you have concerns as to whether an idea falls under this grant, please contact Robin Eagleson at or (517) 373-5542.


Pre-applications are accepted on an ongoing basis until all funds are allocated.


Submission of full applications are by SCAO invitation only. 

(Deadline for submission will be no later than 30 days from invitation.)


Grant awards are ongoing until all funds are allocated.


Signed contracts are due upon agreement between SCAO and the court.


* Please note that the grant funds will be disbursed quarterly upon financials received by SCAO.





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