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Brochures and Pamphlets

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Mediation Brochures and Pamphlets


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 Resolving Your Dispute Without Going to Trial (quad-fold brochure for domestic relations litigants)

Mediation: Where the winning solution is up to you! (quad-fold brochure)
¡Mediación: Donde la solución ganadra depende de Usted! (Spanish, tri-fold)


Resolving Custody, Parenting Time, and Support Disputes Without Going to Trial: (quad-fold brochure format) or (8.5 x 11 format)


Mediation (one page flyer)


Letting litigants know that MEDIATION really works! (State Bar of Michigan, MCR 2.410, 2.411, & 3.216)


Court Forms

These forms are used in alternative dispute resolution under MCR 2.410, MCR 2.411, and MCR 3.216. The forms may be filed in the circuit, district, or probate court as appropriate.

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Celebrating 25 years 

of Service: 





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Publications are free in limited quantities unless otherwise noted.

For questions please contact:
Kristina Kring, 
Administrative Assistant, 
Office of Dispute Resolution
 (517) 373-4839

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