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​Testing and Certification


Only certified reporters and recorders may record or prepare transcripts of proceedings held in Michigan courts or of depositions taken in Michigan as regulated by Michigan Court Rule 8.108(G). Certification is accomplished through a testing process administered by the Court Reporting and Recording Board of Review through the assistance of the State Court Administrative Office. The board determines the passing score. 


Examination Schedule

Examinations are held twice each year to test knowledge and, as to a recorder, familiarity with basic logging techniques and transcript production. Seating capacity for examinations is limited; it is recommended that you register early. The registration fee is $60. You can access application forms on this website.

​Exam ​Date ​Application Deadline


10/28/15 9/1/15

​CER Transcription


10/29/15 9/1/15




7/17/15 (Marquette)




Note: Stenotype reporters who have passed the Registered Professional Reporter (RPR) skills examination and stenomask reporters who have passed the Certified Verbatim Reporter (CVR) skills examination should call 517-373-9526 to schedule their written CSR/CSMR certification examinations.


Eligibility for Registration

To be eligible to register for an examination, applicants must be at least 18 years of age, a high school graduate, and not have been under sentence for a felony for a period of two years.


Applicants for the certified shorthand reporter written examination (CSR) must provide proof they have satisfactorily completed an approved, accredited, or recognized course of study in court reporting and have passed the National Court Reporter’s Association (NCRA) registered professional reporter (RPR) skills examination. Information about the RPR skills examination can be found on NCRA’s website at


Applicants for the certified stenomask reporter (CSMR) written examination must provide proof they have satisfactorily completed an approved, accredited, or recognized course of study in court reporting and have passed the National Verbatim Reporters Association (NVRA) certified verbatim reporter (CVR) skills examination. Information on the CVR skills examination may be found on NVRA's website at


Applicants for the certified recorder examination (CER) must provide proof that they satisfactorily completed the Michigan Electronic Court Reporters Association (MECRA) CER Workshop.  Applicants may register for the exam prior to completing the workshop, but must complete the workshop prior to the examination.  Information about the MECRA workshop can be found at


Lansing Community College's Business and Career Institute has developed a supplemental seven-week, Board-approved online preparation course for electronic court reporters.  This is not a required course. The course was developed for those who would like to have additional training beyond MECRA's two-day seminar to assist them in passing the Certified Electronic Recorder state certification examination.  For more information visit Lansing Community College's website at or call (517) 483-1857.

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staff Contact

Denice Purves

(517) 373-9526


SCAO Staff Directory


update to manual

The manual was revised, dated May 15, 2015. A list of the changes made is found below.


Manual changes.

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