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Michigan Judicial Institute (MJI) Publications: Updates to the following MJI benchbooks are now available on the MJI website at These updates include material effective May 2, 2012 – September 1, 2012, and have been integrated into the website versions of the benchbooks. Once you are on the MJI webpage, select publications from the options on your left and then click on the publication of interest for the latest material.
Please Note: The Michigan Supreme Court and Court of Appeals website is undergoing a website redesign. In anticipation of this redesign, the MJI publications team updated all of the MJI publications with hyperlinks to the new website. Unfortunately, the new website will not be available until October. Thus, some links will be temporarily inaccessible. We apologize for the inconvenience.
MI Circuit Court Benchbook – Civil
If you have questions or comments concerning the updates or MJI publications, please contact Sarah Roth, 517-373-7444, ■

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