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using previous Versions of SCAO-Approved Forms

When forms are revised, instructions are provided about using existing paper stock (NCR or carbon-interleaved sets) of older versions. This does not apply to print-on-demand paper forms that are generated electronically.
Previously-approved versions of any revised forms in electronic format must be updated as soon as the new versions are published irrespective of instructions regarding the use of existing stock.

Recently Revised Court Forms​

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June 2017 Distribution

Various forms (Michigan, circuit, district, adoption, and domestic relations, including friend of the court) were revised by the Michigan Court Forms Committee at its annual spring meetings.  An explanation of the changes is available here​.  The forms are available in zip files on the right and in the forms indexes.


Revised Forms with Specific Effective Dates

The following forms were revised outside the normal revision process because of statutory and court rule changes that were immediately effective or were effective at some point during the past year. They are in order of the most recent effective date.


Effective immediately, PC 581, Notice to Spouse of Rights of Election and Allowances, Proof of Service, and Election has been revised to accommodate 2016 PA 489 and 2016 PA 490. Click here to view the highlighted changes.​

EFFECTIVE june 7, 2017

​Effective immediately, MC20a has been revised to ensure the proper processing of filing fees for prisoners.