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​Index of SCAO-Approved Forms for Use Generally


This set of forms is for general use in civil or criminal cases. The forms are filed in circuit court, district court, or probate court depending on their purpose. See also the other indexes of domestic relations forms which are used as appropriate.
Previous Versions
Affidavit for Search Warrantmc231a6/04
Affidavit for Search Warrant and Search Warrant  (two-page form)mc2313/10
Affidavit of Incorrect Addressdc2156/04
MCR 2.117, MCR 3.915(C), MCR 3.916(B)
Blank (does not contain SCAO approval)mc045/84
Cash Bondmc926/05
MCL 600.1701, MCR 3.604
Certification of Records/Attestation of Exemplified Copiesmc2026/03
28 USC 1738
Demand/Waiver for Transcript of Preliminary Examinationmc2083/08
MCL 600.8635, MCL 712A.2d(7), MCR 6.113(D)
Financial Statementmc2873/09
Finding and Order on Competencymc2053/06
MCL 330.2050
Judgment after Bond Forfeituremc2383/09
MCL 765.15, MCL 765.22,
MCL 780.66, MCL 780.67, MCR 6.106(I)
Judgment of Contemptmc965/07
MCL 600.1701 et seq.
Juror Personal History Questionnairemc321b3/09
MCR 2.510
Juror Qualification Questionnairemc321a3/12
MCL 600.1307a,  MCL 600.1313
Motion and Verification for Alternate Servicemc3033/11
MCR 2.105
Motion and/or Order to Show Causemc2305/13
MCL 2.107(B), MCR 2.108(D), MCR 3.606(A), MCR 5.108
Motion for Consolidationcc084/14
MCR 2.505
(3/08) version can be used until stock is depleted
Motion for Destruction of Fingerprints and Arrest Cardmc2353/09
MCL 28.243, MCL 780.621, MCL 780.623, MCR 3.936(D)
Motion, Affidavit, and Bench Warrantmc2293/16
MCR 3.606
(3/15) version can be used until stock is depleted
Notice of Hearing and Motionmc3263/10
Notice of Intent to Destroy Discovery Materialsmc296/93
MCR 2.316
Notice of Intent to Dismiss for No Progressmc263/16
MCR 2.501(C), MCR 2.502(A)
(3/08) version can be used until 12/31/2016
Notice of Intent to Escheat Unclaimed Personal Propertymc254/16
MCL 567.224a, MCL 567.234, MCL 567.238(5)
(3/08) version can be used until depleted
Notice to Appear mc063/15
(3/13) version can be used until stock is depleted
Notice to Prior Court of Proceedings Affecting Minor(s)mc289/08
MCL 712A.2(b)(2), MCL 712A.3a, MCR 3.205, MCR 3.927,  MCR 5.112

Notice to Surety of Defendant's Failure to Appearmc218a1/17
MCL 765.28
New Form
(6/05) version can be used until stock is depleted
Order and Receipt for Driver's License Held as Securitymc2243/08
MCL 257.311a
Order Canceling Assignment of Wagesmc3913/09
MCL 769.1k, MCL 771.3(2)(f)
Order for Adjournmentmc3099/01
MCR 2.503
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