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Foreign Language Interpreters


Certified Interpreters

The State Court Administrative Office certifies foreign language interpreters.  Courts may use provisionally or fully certified interpreters to comply with the court rule requirement to use a certified interpreter.


Persons who want to be certified as foreign language interpreters in Michigan’s courts must pass two tests demonstrating their abilities to interpret. The two tests are:

    1. a written examination demonstrating English proficiency and knowledge of general courtroom procedures. A person must pass the written examination to be eligible to take the oral examination.
    2. an oral examination consisting of:
    • sight translation of a document from English to a target language and from that target language to English;
    • consecutive interpretation from English to a target language and from that target language to English; and
    • simultaneous interpretation from English to a target language and from that target language to English.


A person who has passed all three portions of the oral exam is fully certified.  A person who has passed the sight translation and either the consecutive interpretation portion or simultaneous interpretation portion of the oral examination is considered provisionally certified


 Certified Interpreters and Provisionally Certified Interpreters

expand Language : Arabic ‎(10)
expand Language : French ‎(1)
expand Language : Japanese ‎(1)
expand Language : Mandarin ‎(3)
expand Language : Polish ‎(2)
expand Language : Russian ‎(3)
expand Language : Spanish ‎(45)

Qualified Interpreters

A person who has registered with the State Court Administrative Office and passed  the written examination meets the requirements established by the state court administrator for classification as a qualified foreign language interpreter under Michigan Court Rule 1.111(A)(7).  The rule further requires the court to conduct voir dire to determine that the individual is competent to provide interpretation services for the proceeding in which the interpreter is providing services.

The following are the names of individuals who have passed the written examination only and are considered qualified by the State Court Administrative Office to interpret court proceedings subject to voir dire.


 Qualified Interpreters for Languages with an Available Test

expand Language : Arabic ‎(22)
expand Language : Bosnian, Serbian, Croatian ‎(3)
expand Language : Cantonese ‎(2)
expand Language : French ‎(18)
expand Language : Haitain-Creole ‎(2)
expand Language : Hmong ‎(1)
expand Language : Korean ‎(8)
expand Language : Laotian ‎(1)
expand Language : Mandarin ‎(7)
expand Language : Polish ‎(5)
expand Language : Portuguese ‎(4)
expand Language : Russian ‎(10)
expand Language : Spanish ‎(160)
expand Language : Tagalog ‎(1)
expand Language : Vietnamese ‎(7)



 Qualified Interpreters for Languages with No Available Test

expand Language : Albanian ‎(2)
expand Language : Aramaic ‎(1)
expand Language : Assyrian ‎(2)
expand Language : Azeri ‎(1)
expand Language : Bengali ‎(1)
expand Language : Chaldean ‎(6)
expand Language : Chinese ‎(1)
expand Language : Ewe ‎(1)
expand Language : Fante ‎(1)
expand Language : Farsi ‎(1)
expand Language : Ga ‎(1)
expand Language : German ‎(1)
expand Language : Hausa ‎(1)
expand Language : Hebrew ‎(1)
expand Language : Hindi ‎(2)
expand Language : Italian ‎(3)
expand Language : Punjabi ‎(1)
expand Language : Romanian ‎(3)
expand Language : Sereer ‎(1)
expand Language : Taiwanese ‎(1)
expand Language : Thai ‎(1)
expand Language : Turkish ‎(1)
expand Language : Twi ‎(1)
expand Language : Ukranian ‎(1)
expand Language : Urdu ‎(2)
expand Language : Wolof ‎(1)

​Staff Contact

Stacy Westra

Language Access Coordinator

E-mail: languageaccess

(517) 373-6670